Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Escaped Horses Yesterday!!!

Horses didn't escape last night! *YAY*
Went out and fed them this morning and they were happy to see me =) though they do stand and watch the house for movement.  When they see it I can hear them out there talking to me. 
I've been making up a mash for Ty because he is so thin~  I caught him letting fatty Gracie eat it!!!
I swear!  Perhaps I just need to dump sugar in there for him and he would eat it?  Its not like its made from yuck.  Its alfalfa, beet pulp and Sweet Feed (senior grain with molasses).  I just have to shake my head.  I don't have any way to keep them from doing it.

Water is still next to non-existent.  Joe hauled 400 gallons of water to put into the tank last night.  Lots of weight in the back of the pickup, I hope its not screwed up.  Kinda pissed that there has been no forward movement on the act of FIXING the water problem.  Joe is going to be pro-active and will be letting them know that there will be a rental of a pump and hose so that we can fill our tank as needed from the spring. 
He is also going to let them know that they will be paying for it, and that its only going to be a temp fix.  If they don't fix it, we wont be paying rent.  Its stupid.  There are renter protection laws in this state for a reason. 

I hope to get the dishes finished today.  I hauled in 6 buckets of water from the hot tub (sterilized and never sat in) to boil and wash dishes with yesterday.  I've still got a huge pile of them to finish.  I also hope to get a load of laundry done.  At least clothes for Joe!  Socks and underwear are always nice =) 

I have my list of KDW ladies that I'm sewing Chemise, Knickers, & Corsets for!
Most have been cut out, some are ready to ship!  Corsets are going together nicely =)

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