Sunday, February 6, 2011

I will NOT get the Flu!

Feels as though I am getting some sort of bug. 
My guts have been unsettled all day and I didn't get nearly enough stuff done today!
I will be working in the am~ I have lots to finish this week, and I'm honestly excited about it all!

Corsets, bloomers, knickers and chemise tops!  A pair of lovely red pantaloons!
I think I'm most excited about the corsets.  there is just something elegant about corsets. 

I will have some scarlet bloomers to put up for sale after this week!  when I load the machine with red thread, I'll be sure to make good use of it!  I've had these bloomers/knickers cut out for two months!  Even a red petticoat!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Escaped Horses Yesterday!!!

Horses didn't escape last night! *YAY*
Went out and fed them this morning and they were happy to see me =) though they do stand and watch the house for movement.  When they see it I can hear them out there talking to me. 
I've been making up a mash for Ty because he is so thin~  I caught him letting fatty Gracie eat it!!!
I swear!  Perhaps I just need to dump sugar in there for him and he would eat it?  Its not like its made from yuck.  Its alfalfa, beet pulp and Sweet Feed (senior grain with molasses).  I just have to shake my head.  I don't have any way to keep them from doing it.

Water is still next to non-existent.  Joe hauled 400 gallons of water to put into the tank last night.  Lots of weight in the back of the pickup, I hope its not screwed up.  Kinda pissed that there has been no forward movement on the act of FIXING the water problem.  Joe is going to be pro-active and will be letting them know that there will be a rental of a pump and hose so that we can fill our tank as needed from the spring. 
He is also going to let them know that they will be paying for it, and that its only going to be a temp fix.  If they don't fix it, we wont be paying rent.  Its stupid.  There are renter protection laws in this state for a reason. 

I hope to get the dishes finished today.  I hauled in 6 buckets of water from the hot tub (sterilized and never sat in) to boil and wash dishes with yesterday.  I've still got a huge pile of them to finish.  I also hope to get a load of laundry done.  At least clothes for Joe!  Socks and underwear are always nice =) 

I have my list of KDW ladies that I'm sewing Chemise, Knickers, & Corsets for!
Most have been cut out, some are ready to ship!  Corsets are going together nicely =)

Monday, January 24, 2011

What an exciting weekend!

Weekend had great weather!  Even had a whole day of bright sunshine!  well... as bright as it can be here where we are surrounded by amazingly large trees and woods!  There were a few moments when I peeked out and could see the horses standing in tiny spots of sunlight taking naps.

My daughter had a friend over for 2 nights and they behaved quite well.  Marie believes that the world stops when a friend comes over and that chores don't need to be done, but we worked on that one.  I tried to not embarrass her in front of her friend, but there was nothing I could do about that.  It was her choice to ignore what her basic normal chores are and try to get away without doing them! 

This is Brocc Riding his bike in a puddle.  His back wheel doesn't touch
the ground, so he is just spinning wheels.
This is how I felt this weekend.
I got the third strand of electric fence wire installed on two sides of the triangle pasture where we keep the horses.  Moved solar fence charger over to where there is sunlight so that it keeps charged.  Alas... this morning they were both out.  I will be fixing the fence, adding a few more posts and making sure they have more than enough food to keep them busy.

I got zero Sewing done this weekend.  Saturday morning we went to make some Crystal light and there was NO WATER!  went out to the holding tank, and it was empty.  The pump was running, so I turned it off so that it wouldn't burn itself up.  Our tank is gravity spring fed.   Joe went up and cleaned out around where the intake hose is and we ran air up the line from the bottom.  Air went through just fine~ not with allot of pressure though.  Came down, unhooked the air, no water.  Got the shop vac (wet/dry) and hooked that up to the end of the pipe at the tank.  very little water came through. 
We finally called our landlady contact here, who contacted the Owner in Canada.  Joe got a phone call from the owner, who in turn called someone who had worked on the pump and pressure switches before.  USELESS because there is NO WATER IN THE TANK!  Seems that perhaps people have figured out that Joe isn't an idiot or stupid.  BUT~ they don't want to spend money to get the stuff fixed.  Everyone kept asking about alternate fixes and this and that...  BUT~ None of them were even viable! completely stupid in my book.   Apparently they think that Joe has infinite time and can take time off of work in order to fix their mess.   He advised them that he had no more time to involve in it since he has a JOB and has to work. 
There should be a phone call coming in today about someone who is going to be able to scope the line, because the only thing we can think is that there is a crush or break in the line somewhere. 

Joe is planning on picking up a water tank today after he gets off of work so that we can at least fill the tank half way.  He has no clean work clothes, I haven't done dishes since Thursday night (Friday was insanity)~ and showers... SHOWERS WOULD BE NICE! then there is the matter of flushing the toilet.  It takes 1.6 gallons of water to flush our toilet, we have to haul that water in from outside where we have been collecting it.  Can also use water from the broken hot tub.    we drove an hour to take showers yesterday. 

Today, Looks like I have a fence to work on again, horses to put up and feed.  THEN I can try to get caught up on my SEWING!  I've got orders people!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Horses are out again...

Escape Artist Ty
Its getting old.   This weekend I will be going and getting more fencing connectors (electric) and trying to expand a bit as well as add a third line of fencing.  I dont mind having them out wandering round the property, but fear that they are going to wander onto the road or something~  There arent that many cars on the road, but we are on a blind corner...

I've been sewing bloomers and chemise tops for a wonderfully fun group of ladies for Mardi Gras~ 
I cant go, so my costumes will be going for me! *YAY*   I'm making some corsets as well and am having fun with the pattern pack I bought a while ago.  I've figured out how to scale them without having to hand draft them!

Its time to let the chickens out of the coop~ its light and warm enough now that they wont get super cold.  Its amazing how warm it stays in there!!!  Love my chickens!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

This amazing 25 yard skirt, Angel-oons and Traveling bustle are finally DONE!

I've been working on these for longer than I should have, but they had to be done right! =)

These were a special request by a customer who is trying to make a fusion costume for Baroquen Tribal!
An amazing idea for sure!

This 25 yard skirt is a bit longer in back, and has a trim of 2" Venice lace at the base of the skirt.  Its not the hem, but laying on top of the fabric~
It gives the most amazing weight to the skirt and it spins like a DREAM! Ya, I played round with it to make sure none of the gathers would pop out!

Here are pictures!!  Its going in the mail in the AM!


Bloomers under skirt~  They are super foofy so they look like another skirt! =)  I had so much fun with this costume!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010


I finally got my batteries for the camera!!!

I also have pictures of bloomers!  I still have to dig through my pile of bloomers and find the other ones I made... =0

I need to also steam them because they are all wrinkled!  I do have bigger bloomers than what I am posting here.  Like I said, I need to find and organize!

These were a custom order for Peek-A-Boo pants and some mini bloomers with extra Ruffles~
I will be working more with this style, I LIKE it~  There will be some straight leg, adjustable leg and multi-colors!    The mini with Ruffles will cost $40  Long with ruffles will cost $45~ This is for two ruffles, more will cost a bit more.  I'm still working on the price guide =)

Size small white eyelet super mini Bloomer~  the inseam is 5 Inches~  I ran out of this particular fabric, but can get more white and even sometimes black eyelet~

Size small white eyelet mini bloomers~ Inseam is 11 inches

These are black super min bloomers in small~(sorry about the wrinkles!)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I almost feel rushed!

Not even due to holidays!
Watched The Lemony Snicket's Movie today while doing the dishes~ (yes, open concept round house, hard to not see what kids are watching)  and I felt quite inspired by some of the costuming techniques!  

I finally got my fabric from Joann's~  FINALLY!  So I have cut and am going to sew tomorrow so that I can ship out on Monday Skirts and bloomers!   I have another order that will be ready by then as well! Means I have to go to the post office~  Ours isn't open on Saturdays~
Stuffed my Tiny mailbox today with little packages, some book swap books as well as a vest and a hip scarf =)
Had to ship back fabric to because there was an oops in the fabric... LOL  I ordered black and white stripe taffeta, but got navy and white stripe cotton blend!  it was VERY Similar! I called and the ups guy came today (the next day) and picked it up!  I'll get the other next week sometime!  I'm glad I didn't need it for an order!!!

Thinking about my Etsy Street Team (search etsydarkteam) monthly themes!  I think I've got a few things to submit this time around!  January is *A Storm Is Coming*  and having just worked with some great Grey fabrics and stormy greens... I'm gonna be in heaven =)   Need to get them finished and listed and posted!

I seem to always get distracted by this or that or whatever.

Its gonna be some serious sewing for the next two weeks~  I'll take Christmas off though =)  That's family time!  Have to make some Spritz cookies too.  got a new cookie press, need to use it with the kids!

I'm off to bed!  Exhaustion has set in.
Hubby has worked 7 days now in a row~ 12 hour days~ and has till next thursday to keep working!  Talk about OVERTIME! *YAY*  Will help us catch up on bills, and get a few gifts for the kids.  They are spoiled rotten by my family =)