Sunday, January 9, 2011

This amazing 25 yard skirt, Angel-oons and Traveling bustle are finally DONE!

I've been working on these for longer than I should have, but they had to be done right! =)

These were a special request by a customer who is trying to make a fusion costume for Baroquen Tribal!
An amazing idea for sure!

This 25 yard skirt is a bit longer in back, and has a trim of 2" Venice lace at the base of the skirt.  Its not the hem, but laying on top of the fabric~
It gives the most amazing weight to the skirt and it spins like a DREAM! Ya, I played round with it to make sure none of the gathers would pop out!

Here are pictures!!  Its going in the mail in the AM!


Bloomers under skirt~  They are super foofy so they look like another skirt! =)  I had so much fun with this costume!!!!

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