Monday, December 20, 2010


I finally got my batteries for the camera!!!

I also have pictures of bloomers!  I still have to dig through my pile of bloomers and find the other ones I made... =0

I need to also steam them because they are all wrinkled!  I do have bigger bloomers than what I am posting here.  Like I said, I need to find and organize!

These were a custom order for Peek-A-Boo pants and some mini bloomers with extra Ruffles~
I will be working more with this style, I LIKE it~  There will be some straight leg, adjustable leg and multi-colors!    The mini with Ruffles will cost $40  Long with ruffles will cost $45~ This is for two ruffles, more will cost a bit more.  I'm still working on the price guide =)

Size small white eyelet super mini Bloomer~  the inseam is 5 Inches~  I ran out of this particular fabric, but can get more white and even sometimes black eyelet~

Size small white eyelet mini bloomers~ Inseam is 11 inches

These are black super min bloomers in small~(sorry about the wrinkles!)

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