Saturday, December 18, 2010

I almost feel rushed!

Not even due to holidays!
Watched The Lemony Snicket's Movie today while doing the dishes~ (yes, open concept round house, hard to not see what kids are watching)  and I felt quite inspired by some of the costuming techniques!  

I finally got my fabric from Joann's~  FINALLY!  So I have cut and am going to sew tomorrow so that I can ship out on Monday Skirts and bloomers!   I have another order that will be ready by then as well! Means I have to go to the post office~  Ours isn't open on Saturdays~
Stuffed my Tiny mailbox today with little packages, some book swap books as well as a vest and a hip scarf =)
Had to ship back fabric to because there was an oops in the fabric... LOL  I ordered black and white stripe taffeta, but got navy and white stripe cotton blend!  it was VERY Similar! I called and the ups guy came today (the next day) and picked it up!  I'll get the other next week sometime!  I'm glad I didn't need it for an order!!!

Thinking about my Etsy Street Team (search etsydarkteam) monthly themes!  I think I've got a few things to submit this time around!  January is *A Storm Is Coming*  and having just worked with some great Grey fabrics and stormy greens... I'm gonna be in heaven =)   Need to get them finished and listed and posted!

I seem to always get distracted by this or that or whatever.

Its gonna be some serious sewing for the next two weeks~  I'll take Christmas off though =)  That's family time!  Have to make some Spritz cookies too.  got a new cookie press, need to use it with the kids!

I'm off to bed!  Exhaustion has set in.
Hubby has worked 7 days now in a row~ 12 hour days~ and has till next thursday to keep working!  Talk about OVERTIME! *YAY*  Will help us catch up on bills, and get a few gifts for the kids.  They are spoiled rotten by my family =)

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