Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Horses are out again...

Escape Artist Ty
Its getting old.   This weekend I will be going and getting more fencing connectors (electric) and trying to expand a bit as well as add a third line of fencing.  I dont mind having them out wandering round the property, but fear that they are going to wander onto the road or something~  There arent that many cars on the road, but we are on a blind corner...

I've been sewing bloomers and chemise tops for a wonderfully fun group of ladies for Mardi Gras~ 
I cant go, so my costumes will be going for me! *YAY*   I'm making some corsets as well and am having fun with the pattern pack I bought a while ago.  I've figured out how to scale them without having to hand draft them!

Its time to let the chickens out of the coop~ its light and warm enough now that they wont get super cold.  Its amazing how warm it stays in there!!!  Love my chickens!

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