Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Strumpet? Really?

I know, I know~ A Strumpet? REALLY?
I know what the literal translation of strumpet is.  The word itself embodies something completely different for me.  A woman (or man) who is comfortable with themselves.  Who isn't afraid to step outside the box just a bit.  People who FEEL good about themselves and want to enhance that feeling by sharing themselves by putting themselves out there a bit.  I enjoy feeling sexy as much as any other woman, perhaps more so.  I live in a tiny town where people tend to conform to an ideal of what is normal and "ok".  I like to push that just a bit and help people realize that its ok to want to feel sexy, ACT sexy and be who they feel they are inside!

I started sewing a long time ago when I started having a hard time finding things that I wanted to wear in my size. I was a teenager, again in a small town, striving to find my place.  I poked around with the sewing machine, playing with patterns and then stepped away from the machine for a while.  I only used it while I was making items for SCA events or sometimes a few outfits for my daughter.  
I slowly started teaching myself how to USE my sewing machine. I still didnt make much outside of Costume pieces.  

I started Belly Dancing.  I saw these GREAT skirts that all the tribal dancers were wearing and wanted to make my own! I started there.  Then I started sewing skirts for other people, and then there were people who wanted different costume items.  My first try's weren't the prettiest, but they were functional.  I started up a website and started offering some basic pieces of Tribal belly dance costuming for Plus size ladies~ My first order was from the UK! It shocked me! I was almost afraid to sew and create for this lady =) 

Then as more and more people ordered, my brain kept going and going.  I started to delve into another genera of belly dance.  Tribal Fusion.  Then Gothic Fusion.  There are so many fusions out there any more that its hard to keep up with them all!  I worked my rear off and created and designed and did quite well for myself.  I've made a name.   but I wasn't feeling fulfilled.   I was ready to move on to bigger things. More delicate and unique things.  I'm got burned out on making the same things over and over again.  It became production.  So, I sat down and started thinking about the items that I had been talking about making and thinking about making.   I wanted to fill another area of the world of hard to fit and hard to find.   
I've always been in love with Victorian culture, the good and the bad.  The fashions, ideas, ideals and differences between one place and another.  As in the west and the east~  I even love the European ideals~

I will be talking about life, design inspiration and design itself for both of my websites~  
We'll see where it goes! =)

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