Saturday, August 21, 2010

Amazing Show Last Night~

Saw an amazing belly dance show last night!  There were dancers from all different styles, shapes, sizes and ages!  Saw some old friends, met some new, and even talked a little with one of my favorite local customers about making a special dance dress out of Assuit~ (its an Egyptian fabric with metal pounded in) I've always wanted to make things with it, but have always been afraid... LOL   Its amazing~

Went on a picnic with my friend and talked about kids, life and horses.  Allot about horses... AHAHA  Horse people are crazy I think. 

Horses apparently spent most of yesterday escaping the fences and getting into their bucket of grain.  They seem perfectly ok and after we ran a second electric wire, they were unable to get out and cause havoc again.  I need to spend some time and get a decent rasp and hoof knife to do some touch ups on the horses feet.  the last Farrier left an edge on Gracie's feet, as well as Ty's so I need to take care of that!  I'm glad that I can do some basic horse hoof care on my own and now have to mess with calling a farrier all the time.  If I keep up on it, I'll only have to call when I need Gracie to have shoes on!  I just wish She wasnt so tender footed and needed shoes!  It makes it a pain in the ass most of the time.  Guess that's what happens when you rescue animals! LOL

I've got sewing to do tonight~  A wrap type choli top for a friend who has a performance next Saturday.  She's in Belly Dancer Panic Mode, even though she knows that I'll have it done in more than enough time!  Its always funny when it happens, because they know they are being irrational.  At least they know it and admit do it unlike brides (who I refuse to work with).  Ok, I have one friend who I'm willing to work with for her wedding, but that's because she knows how to sew as well, and will be doing some of the work WITH me. 

I'm vending at a rock concert tomorrow here in my small town.  Its a day in the park with lots of alternative type music being played.  I cant wait to have a chance to dance to some good music! and yes, BELLY DANCE.    Perhaps I'll take some time and get pictures of items that need to be posted on etsy taken!  I've got a stack of vests that still need to be posted.  That's always the worst part... LOL

Inventory will start next week~ There will be lots of pictures and writing and organization! I'm just glad that I already have ideas for many of the items I have on hand and in stock. 

I've got too much yet not enough!
Such is the life of a Strumpet in Training

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