Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Quite literally!  FIRE!  There is a fire in the hills just east of  my town.  I do live in the Cascade Foothills, but today I woke up to my town filled with that acrid scent of forest fire smoke.  There is NOTHING like that smell.  Its not one I enjoy!  I do enjoy campfire smoke, my woodstove in the winter.  My lungs feel clogged and my body feels heavy today.    The air is tinged orange.

I was supposed to have started inventory on my fabrics this week.  It is now wednesday and no inventory has been done.  Sunday afternoon my horse Ty stomped my foot and caused major damage!  Nothing seems to be broken, but my big toe is purple and black and is looking like it hates me.  Hurts pretty  bad.  This is what I get for wearing athletic shoes out to take care of horse hooves.   Was NOT his fault~  There was a bee.  For real.   One of those black and white hornets that STING LIKE THE DICKENS!  He kicked that back foot to get it off of him, and then smooshed my foot.  Whoops.  He immediately picked that afoot back up for me to finish~ but damage had been done.  I finished that foot and moved on to the pickup and tears.  I thought he had smashed the toenail right off.    I am hoping to get a new rasp here in the next few days so that I can trim feet on both him and Gracie.  Still not impressed with the farrier that came out last time to do their feet.  *shakes head*

Its been unusually hot this week.  Another reason why I haven't been out in the garage doing inventory.  It turns into my own private sweat shop!  Not my idea of fun.  I'm going to have to suck it up and just open the garage door anyway to get things out of the way so that I can move around.  The broken Car is in the driveway currently, so I'll have to work around that, but its worth it if I can get my space and creativity back!  I'm feeling itchy to start sewing again.  My machines both need a good workout, that's for SURE!  Made a friend a wrap top choli for her performance on Saturday.  I want to make myself a few wrap tops that come down to my hip for everyday wear.  They are super comfy and sooo figure flattering!  See~ Another creative idea!  They can be made sexy too!  Out of a satin or sheer material.  Anything can be embellished and made sparkly and yummy!

I am super ready to eat some breakfast now.  Its almost 11 am.  Though I did get up at 930...
Want leftover tacos, but hubby dropped the whole thing of sour cream on the floor last night. *meh*  I cant believe I didnt have TWO of them in the fridge.  I always have two.

We'll see how far I get with taking pictures of items in stock and getting them posted on etsy.  I've got stripe bloomers and fingerless gloves! Also have to get vests done for my other shop.  and yes, that means photo's taken.  They've been done for quite a while!

Lazy~  That's how I feel.... lazy~

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