Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall is coming~

Time to start making longer bloomers, flannel bloomers, tops with sleeves and longer pants! I'm even thinking about sewing stripes.  Making my own with fabrics!

Flannel panties are always fun too!

I'm slowly getting through fabrics and sales.  I've got a few things moving out in the morning (I missed the mail lady today)  Ive been doing quite well on  I just wish there were more of the types of books I like to read.  Though, I've been ordering kids books for the kids mostly.  or filling in a few gaps that I have in some book collections I have.  Getting rid of a few collections that I've read over and over again, making room for new!

Today I am going to spend some time in the garage doing organization.  I'm thinking about going and picking some blackberries today as well.  I love blackberry Jam!  and I'm going to make it without pectin, just cook it down with as little sugar as possible and can it up!

Farrier came out last night within 45 min of me calling.  I love that man.  I hadnt been able to get ahold of him before for some reason, and he was shocked!  I had to hire a different farrier and he SUCKED.  Screwed up the horses feet.  I love that Greg gives a barefoot (mustang) trim without me even having to ask.  Its just the way he does it!  He trimmed the frogs and took care of growth that shouldnt have been there yet.  Showed me what I needed to do in order to keep the feet looking healthy and nice.  He is a special man! 

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