Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've had about enough~


It's been quite the last few weeks here~ Listing our house up for sale to avoid Foreclosure, cleaning out my house to make it less full of clutter (oh my)  and helping the kids get rid of clutter and crap as well!    I havent even started in my garage/studio!  My house is cleaner and less full of clutter than it EVER has been!  I cant believe how much crap we collected in a matter of 4 years!

BUT~ House is now listed in a Short Sale~  if after 90 days it dosnt sell, we can give the deed to the bank and walk away.  Dont quite know where we are going as of yet, but wheee~   It'll get there!

Its been raining here for a few days~ And when I say rain... its POURING!  I LOVE IT! 
we've needed rain for quite a while now!  Just hope that it will clear up a bit so that I can get out and pick the rest of the red raspberries I can see on my canes!

Going to pull up the lack of growing corn, and feed it to the horses.   HORSES~  Gracie is getting her FUZZY COAT!  I love the winter fuzz~  Ty hasn't quite gotten there yet, but he's shedding like crazy.  Also loosing some weight, I dont quite know what to think about that.   I've upped his feed some and we'll see how that goes. 

My brain just dosnt seem to want to work this week~  My body and brain are DONE~

I'm off to sit in the hot tub for a bit~  listen to the rain on the awning and relax!

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