Friday, November 26, 2010


Its been a long long time since I've had time to come and talk here!

We've moved! *YAY*  New house, renting, but its an amazing place! My new house is an octagon! 

I have my horses in my front yard and I can look out at them whenever I want, go out and play with them whenever I want or go out and give em treats whenever I want! *YAY*

We're now out in the boonies, where I am happy.  There are bears, elk, deer, cougars and even bobcats!  The woods behind my house (and all around me) are amazing. 

I've started sewing again! Making beautiful and new things!  Still trying to get back into the hang of doing everything, Its taken me a while to get adjusted into my new lifestyle.  I'm enjoying it though. 

We head back to the other house tomorrow morning so that we can get our hot tub! That's the only thing left other than my broken car!  I cant wait to get my car fixed.  I NEED MY CAR!

I've been invited to vend at a Belly dance event in Eugene on the 5th of dec!!  I'm quite excited about that!  Need to get off my butt and get some sewing done!  I've got stuff to take care of! *grin*

Live is moving forward for us here.  I just hope that hubby finds a new job soon. as in yesterday~

One more day in the life of a strumpet in training!

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