Sunday, November 28, 2010

Feeling creative~

Ive got my sewing room set up~ My cutting table set up, and my creative Juices flowing. I have a pile of other things that I must do around my house in order to get to be able to work on those things! *ARGH*

I've got ideas for new items for StrumpetsDelight~ Ruffled petticoats, cupcake skirts, mini bustle skirts, boleros, wrist cuffs, caplets! I need to start trying my hand at making button up shirts to wear with all of this goodie stuff!  I have new bustle styles to create, new modified period bustles and skirts!
CORSETS!  I have my supplies to get corsets done!!!
I've got a bigger quantity of styles to choose from now~ I am ordering boning by the pound, as well as steel hoop boning! Just wait till I get some of my ideas done!!!

New ideas and modification ideas for items for CreationsByAngelia.  Hods on my corset vests!  New styles of corset vests! Mermaid Skirts~ (and no I refuse to make a tube and sew a circle on the bottom.  NOT HAPPENING)  
I've got hip scarves to put together, and new styles of hip decorations~ 
Yes.  I have all of these things on a list on my project wall! Off to do laundry, dishes, sweep and mop the floors get dinner going (having guests tonight) Feed and love on my horses, and keep my children from killing each other. 

I very much prefer to stay home as much as possible, I could have gotten these things done yesterday~  BUT~ we had to go get the hot tub from the old house.  I'm so excited about my hot tub being home!!!! *YAY*

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