Monday, November 29, 2010

Today Moved Forward Too FAST!

I think it was the dreams about Zombie Grizzly Bears!!!

Got stuff done here online, but mostly killed time.  Got my promo items for the etsy team I'm on EtsyDarkSide. 
Started on a present that should have been shipped on Saturday, but its going out tomorrow, along with two 25 yard skirts to another customer for CreationsByAngelia.

Making a prototype caplet~ Its cotton twill with cute silver skull fabric on the outside~ I used red satin box pleat ribbon at the neckline and a ruffled black lace at the hem~ Its about 10 inches long, so it just covers the shoulders, but its going to be cute when I'm done, and useful!  There are times when I just want something for my shoulders to keep my hands free!
I will make sure to Post pictures tomorrow when I'm done with it!  I need to work on making a few patterns for other sizes, and to make them with detachable hoods.  I've got so many ideas!  I hope the person I'm gifting loves it!!!

Talking with a lady about doing a partial barter for some chickens!!! *OH YAH*  I'm going to get laying age hens and a rooster so that I can raise my own chicks and get chickens that way too!  

On my way to the kitchen to make dinner for my family!  Dishes are done, and food is ready to cook! *YUM*
I'm going to be working hard tonight to get these things done so I can go to bed!  Lots of work to do tomorrow, getting wood to heat our house on Wednesday, we're out.  I was thinking about baking some cookies, but alas~ too much other work to do.  Perhaps tomorrow when I need a break from the sewing machines!

Chocolate chip or Oatmeal cranberry?

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