Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Such as it goes!

Got skirts done today~ Didnt get good pictures of the purples together, but they look AMAZING!

I had forgotten how long it took to make a 25 yard skirt! Either that or I'm rusty, OR~ I was being distracted by the computer behind me, and my son Brocc right next to me asking about every little detail about the serger and the fabric.  Gotta love 5 year olds!

Boys get ya every time!   I should be in bed right now, because I have to get up super early in the am in order to go cut and stack wood into the pickup so we can have HEAT!  Heat is good.

Realtor called today and says that he is showing the house sometime this week~  Wanted to do it on the weekend and we told him hell no.  Its hard for us to get up and out of here on the weekends.  We conserve fuel to the last drop.

I've got a Belly Dance show on Sunday that I am Vending at.   Cosmic Pizza in Eugene!  Tribal Fusion goodness!  I should be sewing right now (as always) but I'm talking to people online and doing some research and this and that~

Not looking forward to getting up in the am. *meh*

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