Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wet as a Ducks BUTT~ (And new Design peek)

It was WET today.  RAIN RAIN and more RAIN~  then there was MUD. Wood cutting and hauling up hills, loading, stacking, unloading stacking again...  I'm glad I have an amazing husband.   He even cooked dinner tonight after doing allot of work!  more than I did!  Love that man!
But we both stayed WET AS A DUCKS BUTT!

 I'm going to start on getting my chicken coop ready tomorrow!!!!   I've got piles of sewing I need to try and get done.  At least repairs on a few items that need it.  I am going to also cut and sew bloomers.  lots of bloomers. 

I love them =)

New Caplet!  This one is about 11 inches long including lace, is a full circle, and yes, it already has a home.  BUT~  This is what it looks like!!!! =)  I havent figured out prices yet~ BUT~ this has red (it looks orange on the computer) satin box pleat lace at the top, regular ruffled lace at the bottom.  Tied with vintage black satin ribbon and some fashion sparkle buttons!  Shown on my size 20 body form~

What do you think????

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  1. Very very enticing, darlin'! I love love love your work! *bounce* Z