Friday, December 3, 2010


Yes, I am super excited about finishing creations that I've been cutting out for Sunday's Extravaganza! 
I've got vests, belts, a few hip scarves and some other things that are random ready to go and sell.  I also have a pile of vests that either need eyelets and lacing, or fixing an eyelet and finishing lacing.  
I hate setting grommets.  HATE IT~  cant figure out why I keep making things that require them...ahahah

In the next two days I'm going to have bloomers made, hand/wrist warmers AND some hip scarves.  I'm keeping myself on a "budget" of time and I think I've got it under control!  I am also thinking about dying my pastel bloomers with black dye~ an over dye of sorts.  No one likes them, may as well try to find a way to sell them!  make them look a bit vintage?  
I usually try to do too much all at once, and everything else seems to suffer because of it.  I'm not doing that this time.  I'm focusing on a few things~ then can work forward to other things at a later date =0 

 I should be in bed.  Starting to get a sore throat~   I've been fighting it for the last 4 days.  Tomorrow I'm getting serious with the honey and lemon.  The zest of the lemon "steeped" in warm honey is AMAZING~  I also use local raw honey. *YUM*  


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