Sunday, December 5, 2010

I refuse to rush myself!

These are for sale~ 4 yard pantaloons!
Bloomers will be finished in the AM~  just have to put the elastic in the waist and put elastic round the bottoms~
should throw them into the dryer with a dryer sheet to get rid of some of the lint left behind.

I did a few mini and super mini bloomers.  I didnt have any white fabric, so there are black, some stripes and then some other stuff~ Other than that~ I'm done.  I was going to put together the red ones, but those will wait.  As will the red petticoat.   I will finish the vests that just need repair, the others can wait~

I wanna go have FUN!

Got chicken coop worked on today~ (ok yesterday I realize that its sunday now)
There is some extra stuff that needs to be done,but I'll get it done myself.  Wont be too hard. 

Hubby goes on Monday to apply for a job at a place that is 99.99% going to hire him.  We sure need it. 

Soaked my head in Henna tonight.  I feel like a goddess again!  Note to self AND others~  when you squeeze the lemons and limes yourself for the henna mixture, remember to strain out the pulp. when you brush your hair after rinsing it looks like hundreds of little bugs falling out of your hair into the sink! *GAG*

I'm ready for bed~ SLEEPY~  My sore throat is still trying to kick my ass.  I REFUSE!

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