Friday, December 10, 2010

My Beautiful New Art Doll! Sylvie~

Thank You to  Miss Millificent's on for this BEAUTIFUL art doll!  I have had my eye on her for quite a while!  This is Sylvie~  She died in the Plague.  Her small skull fleas are a reminder of how it passed from rats to humans and then spread like wildfire!  She is so serene and precious sitting in her coffin on my wall!



I should have been taking pictures of items to be posted to my etsy and artfire shops, but I've been busy!  today we went and got some more wood to heat our house with (its the only heat source we have).  A very kind member of my gleaner group had some extra that he was looking to get out of his way, and there is more, so we will be getting MORE~  its good wood too!  cedar, oak, fir!  

I will try to spend Monday taking pictures.  Hubby got a job, and starts on Monday, but we are still trying to figure out what I am going to be driving to take Marie to the bus and back every day until my car is fixed.  My blessed mother is helping with that. 
I've got bloomers!  Regular length, mini and super mini!  I have also decided to go with only TWO SIZES~ SMALLER AND BIGGER!  great idea huh?  Smaller is going to go to 45" (after this last batch, I need to) and Bigger will go to 60" at the waist/hip.   Feedback anyone???
I've also got some great ideas for the EtsyDarkSide (search etsydarkteam on Monthly themes for January and February.  You can see the monthly exhibition *HERE*I really love being apart of this team!

I have also recently been accepted into an artfire Artists Guild~  Steampunk Artists of Artfire!

So many things to update, so little time.  Its time for me to stick my nose in a book and then go to sleep now that the entire house is hotter than Hades! 

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